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Welcome to the Bio-Inspired Optimization Technique Group Membership!

All Paid members will receive Completely Free and All-time Access to:

The Tutorial Videos about the following Bio-Inspired Optimization Algorithms

  1. Fundamental Optimization Techniques
  2. Classification of Optimization Techniques
  3. Constraints in Optimization
  4. Linear Programming
  5. Non-Linear Programming : Dynamic Programming
  6. Non Linear Programming : Quadratic Equations and KKT Conditions
  7. Bio-Inspired Algorithms
  8. Genetic Algorithm
  9. Artificial Neural Networks
  10. Polynomial Neural Networks
  11. Training Algorithms
  12. Quasi Neuton Algorithms
  13. Levenburg Marquadart
  14. Conjugate Gradient Descent
  15. Newtons Method
  16. GMDH Shell for Neural Optimization
  17. Glowworm Optimization Algorithm Part 1
  18. Glowworm Optimization Algorithm Part 2
  19. Particle Swarm Optimization
  20. Swarm optimization algorithm
  21. Mine bomb algorithm
  22. Water cycle algorithm
  23. Cuckoo search
  24. Quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization
  25. Design by shopping paradigm
  26. Dolphin echolocation algorithm
  27. Fish Swarm Optimization Technique
  28. Firefly Optimization Technique
  29. Invasive weed optimization
  30. Albatross wind shear algorithm
  31. Cat swarm optimization
  32. Moth-flame optimization algorithm
  33. Ant colony optimization
  34. Galactic swarm optimization
  35. Hummingbirds optimization algorithm
  36. Flower pollination algorithm
  37. Artificial flora optimization algorithm
  38. Whale optimization algorithm
  39. Cockroach swarm optimization
  40. Grey wolf optimizer
  41. Whale optimization algorithm
  42. Biogeography-based optimization
  43. Bacterial foraging optimization
  44. Bird mating optimizer
  45. Artificial bee colony algorithm
  46. Fruit fly optimization algorithm
  47. Imperialist competitive algorithm
  48. Big bang - big crunch algorithm
  49. Harmony search algorithm
  50. Bat algorithm
  51. Penguins search optimization algorithm
  52. Intelligent water drops
  53. Grenade explosion method
  54. Teaching–learning-based optimization
  55. Salp swarm algorithm
  56. Elephant herding optimization
  57. Virus spread optimization

and many more...continuously updated. (underlined algorithms are already added)


  1. Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson
  2. A Course of Pure Mathematics by G. H. Hardy
  3. The Mathematical Analysis of Logic by George Boole
  4. An Investigation of the Laws of Thought by George Boole
  5. Self-Organizing Systems, 1963 by James Emmett Garvey
  6. Algorithms for Optimization by Mykel J. Kochenderfer, et al.
  7. Convex Optimization for Machine Learning by Changho Suh
  8. Introduction to Online Convex Optimization by Elad Hazan
  9. Convex Optimization by Stephen Boyd, et al.
  10. Optimization for Decision Making: Linear and Quadratic Models
  11. Global Optimization Algorithms - Theory and Application
  12. Algorithms for Decision Making by Mykel Kochenderfer, et al
  13. Engineering Design Optimization by Joaquim R. Martins, et al
  14. Fundamental Engineering Optimization Methods by Kamran Iqbal
  15. Operations Research - The Art of Making Good Decisions
  16. Basic Queueing Theory: System Performance Modeling
  17. Knapsack Problems: Algorithms and Computer Implementations
  18. Meta-learning: Applications to Automated Machine Learning and Data Mining by Pavel Brazdil
  19. Foundations of Machine Learning by Mehryar Mohri, et al
  20. Bio-Inspired Computational Algorithms and Their Applications by Shangce Gao
  21. Evolutionary Algorithms by Eisuke Kita
  22. Ant Colony Optimization - Techniques and Applications by Helio J.C. Barbosa

The list is regularly updated.


  1. What'sBest! 18 (with a huge discount)
  2. XL Optimizer (with a huge discount)
  3. Quantum XL (with a huge discount)
  4. Sigma XL (with a huge discount)
  5. SPICE-MLP (Free)
  6. EasyNN (Free)
  7. The NeuroXL Predictor (with a huge discount)
  8. Alyuda Forecaster (with a huge discount)
  9. AI Trilogy (with a huge discount)
  10. Analytic Solver (with a huge discount)
  11. Engineering Equation Solver 10.2 (with a huge discount)
  12. Gurobi Optimization(with huge discount)

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Bio Inspired Optimization Technique Group Membership

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