Learn GIS from One Page

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Learn Geographical Information Systems, Image Processing, and Remote Sensing from One Page and Video Lectures.

Who this video book is for:

  • This video book is for students/scientists/teachers/consultants who have no knowledge of GIS, Remote Sensing, and Image Processing.
  • GIS users who want to switch from a different GIS program to MapWindow will also find this course useful.


  • Students need no prior knowledge of MapWindow or GIS or Remote Sensing or Image Processing.
  • It is expected students will have downloaded and installed MapWindow 5.x.

This course includes:

  • 8.5 hours of on-demand video lectures
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of Completion


This video book(v-book) provides a complete introduction to :

  1. GIS with MapWindow
  2. Remote Sensing
  3. Image Processing.

The v-book has video lectures on the most relevant content of GIS, Remote Sensing, and Image Processing. As a self-paced certificate course, this v-book is designed to get you started quickly with these three geospatial concepts but finish in your own time and comfort.

Once you finish the video tutorials, you can practice with the example research problems and mock tests provided each weekend. These practical exercises will give you the opportunity to measure how much you have learned. The practicals will also help you to experiment with the basic interfaces and methodology of relevant software like MapWindow, Image J, etc.

The v-book is structured as a mixture of lectures, and quizzes and concludes with a project to put into practice all the knowledge you've gained during this course. The practical element is crucial and by all means, it gives you the scope to try some new things out with the various software involved.

You should take this v-book if you need to learn the basics of GIS, Remote Sensing, and Image Processing up to a level where you can solve problems by yourself.

Along with the lecture videos and with the help of practical problems you will get the knowledge required to be a part of a Professional GIS Team. There is also an opportunity to work on real-life problems and publish papers in reputed international journals and monographs also.

The v-book is completely online and accessible for 24 hours. Discussion or Doubt clearing sessions with the teacher are possible but only during daylight hours as per Indian Standard Time.

Content :

1. Geographical Information System

1.2. Coordinate Systems

1.4. Table Editor/Attribute Table

1.5. Label Editor

1.6. Property Editor

1.3. Digitization

1.1. Basic Terminologies

1.7. Data Representation

1.8. Image Registration/Georeferencing

1.9. Other

2. Remote Sensing

2.1. Definition

2.2. Satellites

2.3. Types of Images

3. Image Processing

3.1. Image and Photography

3.2. Pixel

3.3. Spatial and Spectral Resolution

3.4. Spectral Reflectance Curve

3.5. Colour Infrared Images

4)Numerical Problems

5)Real-Life Project Ideas

6)Case Studies

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Learn GIS from One Page

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Learn GIS from One Page

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