Terminologies Used in GIS and Remote Sensing

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What is GIS:

A geographic information system (GIS), also known as a geographical information system, is an information system for capturing, storing, analyzing, managing, and presenting data that are spatially referenced (linked to a location).

This video book also consists of the answers to the following frequently asked questions which are the terminologies that you must know if you want to work with GIS , Like:

  • GIS
  • Shapefile & Grid files
  • Vector & Raster files
  • DEM & TIN
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Classification of Coordinate Systems
  • Other File Formats
  • difference between :
  • Raster or Vector?
  • DEM or TIN?

In addition to this it also answers the basic questiong and methodology of GIS and Remote Sensing. If you want to do big projects using GIS you must buy this v-book to have an idea about the scope and potential of GIS and Remote Sensing.

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Most Important Terminologies that are used in GIS and Remote Sensing, Explained Here

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Terminologies Used in GIS and Remote Sensing

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