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Hydrology Newsletter is now a part of the Data Science for Sustainability Membership(DSS).

Data Science for Sustainability is a subscription-only membership where content and opportunities from the field of data science and its application to sustainable development are made available to its members without any additional cost.

The Premium membership of Data Science for Sustainability is divided into Individual and Institute Premium Membership.

Premium Individual Membership of Data Science for Sustainability(DSS-Ind)

The Premium Individual Members has the opportunity to access premium content of the following :

A) Premium Newsletters:

Hydro Geek

Research Methodology

Innovate with Sustainability

Water Energy Nexus

B) Premium Courses :

Introduction to Remote Sensing and GIS

Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

Introduction to Optimization Technique

Introduction to Multi-Criteria Decision Making(MCDM)

Introduction to Data Science

and other Premium Tutorials related to Hydrology, Hydraulics, Hydropower, Data Science, AIML, GIS, Remote Sensing, etc as and when available.

C)Premium contents of all the journals, published from Energy in Style Publishers.:




D)Premium updates like:

Jobs and Scholarship Opportunities

Conference Calls

Special Issue invitations

New Journal invitations

Internship scopes etc.

E) Opportunities to become an author of Monographs published by reputed international publishers(as and when available)

Premium Institute Membership of Data Science for Sustainability(DSS-Ins)

In addition to the benefits received by the Individual Members, the Premium Institute members can also:

F) Promote their opportunities like

Calls for Conference/Workshop they are organizing;

Calls for SRF/JRF/ Internship opportunities,

Invitations to become an author of a new Monograph and

any other relevant opportunities.

G) Write in a blog/journal under EIS Publisher as a featured author which attracts a greater number of clicks and shares from our readers.

H) Recommendations made by Institute Members are placed in the topmost position of the Search database and distributed to all the members of the relevant newsletters for maximum promotion.

I) Data requirements of Institute Members are placed in the topmost position for maximum visibility in or DataYar App made for research data sharing.

J) Institute members can Promote a new book, products, patents, etc. authored by them.

So if you have a product or opportunity to promote become an Institute Member, otherwise enroll in the Individual membership.

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Hydrology N/L Membership

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Journals Free to Publish
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Promote your Opprtunity
= $1000
Write as a Featured Author
= $1000
Most Highlighted Recommender
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Hydrology Newsletter Premium

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