Preorder : 50 Project Ideas on MCDM and GIS

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Estimated Publication Time : 12/28/2022

Project Ideas on Multi Criteria Decision Making methods and Geographic Information Systems.

Fifty project ideas from different fields of sustainability engineering.

The proposed Content is as follows :

  1. Why this book?
  2. Multi Criteria Decision Making(MCDM) methods
  3. Geographic Information Systems(GIS)
  4. Ideas on Hydrology Problems
  5. Ideas on Drought Problems
  6. Ideas on Hydraulic Problems
  7. Ideas on Water Management Problems
  8. Ideas on Waterpower Problems
  9. Ideas on Ground Water Problems
  10. Ideas on Water Quality-Related Problems
  11. Ideas on Water and Energy Nexus Problems
  12. Ideas on Sustainable Development
  13. Most Promising Research Area for application of MCDM and GIS
  14. Closing
  15. About the Author

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Ebook with 50 project ideas on MCDM and GIS

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Preorder : 50 Project Ideas on MCDM and GIS

0 ratings
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